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Employment and Family Assistance Program

Phone: 1.800.667.0993

Funded by the employer, this program provides confidential assistance for any personal or work-related concern. Work stress, depression, relationship or family conflicts, financial worries, legal advice. Your first call will be used to determine your specific need. You will be given contact information so that you can access the professional help that best fits your situation.

BCTF Health and Wellness Program

Phone: 1.800.663.9163

Funded through the BCTF Salary Indemnity Plan, this is a discrete program to assist members who are experiencing job or health related issues. Referrals can be by the member, the employer, the association or the Salary Indemnity Plan. After referral to a confidential consultant, members are put on a plan to improve functional and health abilities and facilitate a successful return to work. For more information contact the BCTF.

Salary Indemnity Plan

Phone: 1.800.663.9163

Employers pay teachers 2% of salary, to participate in the plan, deducts and forwards an amount from pay cheques to the BCTF, who manages Short-term and Long-term SIP. If a member has an extended illness and could run out of sick days, they should contact the BCTF, Income Security Division and ask for the SIP manager.

Teachers’ Pension Plan

Phone: Victoria 250.953.3022 1.800.665.6770

This site is full of information for everyone from beginning teachers to those contemplating retirement or already retired. Many downloadable booklets or interactive pages for estimating pensions are available. A full list of dates and locations for yearly seminars can get members past the preliminaries and ready for planning their future.